Becoming the Leader Others are Inspired to Follow!

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About the Course

Course Description

Do you want to become that leader that others are magnetically drawn to? The kind of leader who has people asking to join your team and inspires them to deliver their very best? You want to be yourself at work, as a leader and in all areas of your life and feel that you have an integrated life?

To help you achieve these goals we’ll discover in this course your authentic gifts as a leader, ignite your purpose and connect with your values to help you think and lead more strategically. You’ll learn the essential building blocks for building depth of relationship as a leader and how to set boundaries, create clear commitments and enhance accountability. Finally, I’ll give you some specific tools for developing those around you ensuring you not only attract followers, but also develop and maintain great relationships to ensure as a team you make your vision come to life!

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If you are already enrolled, you should see a ‘Start Learning’ or ‘Continue Learning’ button near the top right of this page directing you to a Course Units Page which will track your progress as you complete this course. 

At the top of each page in the course you will see a ‘Navigation Bar‘. This Navigation Bar has buttons that will aid you as you go through the course. 

The first button you will see is a ‘Units‘ Button. This button, when clicked, takes you back to the Course Units Page. Think of this Units page as a table of contents for the course. There are 9 units in the course. All of the Units are unlocked, and you are free to jump around from one unit to the next to find the most relevant information for you. We do, however, recommend that you take each Unit in order as each one builds upon the previous one. 

The next button is called ‘Notifications‘. Any updates, announcements or various other important information about the course will reside there. Your Instructor will post these when necessary.   

Next to ‘Notifications’ is ‘Discussions‘. If you have a question about the material, or would like more clarification on a topic that is related to this course, please use the Discussion forum built into the course. Here, you can ask specific questions and we’ll email you when the Instructor replies. Please be mindful that discussion questions are a public forum and can be seen by others who participate in this course.

After ‘Discussions’ is a button called ‘Workbook‘. Each Unit of the course contains video, written content and some assessments and/or exercises. Your answers to the questions and quizzes will be stored in your Workbook, for reference at any time. Your answers are private, and may only be accessed by you and the Course Instructor.

The last button is the ‘Course Details‘ button which will bring you back to this lovely page if you need a reminder of instructions or the time length of the units. 

Of course, if you are having any technical difficulties, please click the ‘Contact Support‘ button at the bottom of any page and we would be happy to help you! 

Below, is the Course Structure with the time length of each unit. 



Course Structure


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